Hello World!
April 29, 2008, 11:00 pm
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This is me, handsome devil that i am, and this is my new music blog, Walken!

Many of you know me through the PJ community as BigWaveRider, I ran the ArmyReserve blogspot site, but i ran out of the time and energy needed to maintain it, and had little passion left for it after about two years of blogging!

Here I am going to start anew, nice and fresh, at wordpress none the less (wow, that was some wickedcool rhyming) and chit chat about all kinds of great music, instead of limiting myself to just one band. I’m gonna cover all sorts of genres and styles, from the most obscure musicians i love, to the most mainstream acts on the planet, to the downright shameful secret pleasures i hold dear!

As always, get in touch and chit chat about whatever, i love to hear from you all!


PS: A quick thank you to Heather for maintaining the Fuelfriends blog for 2+ years, your writing has been a real inspiration in starting blogging again!