New Vedder Solo Bootleg, McCready Talks Upcoming Tour (Updated)

Feeling that Midweek lull? The you’re halfway through the working week, but the weekend is still just outta reach.. Fear not, here is something to put a smile on your face, and to follow up on the article which opened this blog on Eddie Vedder’s solo tour, enjoy this bootleg from the final show on his west coast jaunt.

The second of 2 nights in San Diego, the show features an epic setlist, packed with rarities (a performance of Believe You Me from his pre-PJ band, Bad Radio) and singalongs (Let My Love Open The Door).

New Link

Meanwhile, in other Pearl Jam related news, Mike McCready told Billboard the band plans to release bootlegs of each of their upcoming tour stops, but the group “have yet to decide what form they will take”.

Also, PJ will perform with Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips at a taping of VH1 Rock Honours, which will honour The Who.

Sounds like its gonna be an exciting couple of months!


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The file is blocked!

Comment by MARK

Hey…I tried the links for the bootleg and I’m getting an error. Anyone else?

Comment by Juie

Somebody reported the links can you re-up them?

Comment by William

AAAHHHHH!!!! Rapid share has blocked the files!! Any other way that I could get them??

Comment by Jason

the file is blocked.

Comment by MARK

Don’t freak guys, I’m re-upping them as we speak, the links will be active in the next day or so, just keep checking back!

Comment by moorai

Anyone still got this? Or know where to get it?

Comment by rob

links still down 😦 a re-up would be much appreciated…

Comment by onawave

Any chance these will re-appear somewhere else ?
Thanks & Cheers !

Comment by Marc

Any chance your going to be able to get this active again? still down as of 5/27

Comment by Bill

Hey man sweet blog you have here!

Check your PMs over on the Pit. Peace

Comment by My3rdEye

Im getting file denied due to complaints?

Comment by Ianjong

Sorry guys, i’m workin around the clock at the mo, but as soon as i find time, this and another 4 or 5 Ed shows will be upped 🙂

Thanks for your patience,

Comment by moorai

You the man! Thanks for the HUGE effort! Loving the blog!

Comment by Bill

So looking forward to hearing this again. Keep us posted.

Thank you.

Comment by Dave

Five possible Eddie solo shows! Once again you prove why I visit your blog almost every day. Your passion for great music and your selfless sharing of that same music is rare these days. Thanks again for the generosity, and I’m looking forward to rocking out to those Vedder shows (before I see PJ later this month)!

Comment by Nick

Thanks for this, it’s really cool to get a chance to listen to this.

Comment by Derek, Cardiff Wales

Correct Set List order for 4.16.08 is:San Diego 2/Spreckels Theater/April 16, 2008:
Walking The Cow, Around The Bend, I Am Mine, Dead Man, Man Of The Hour, Setting Forth, Guaranteed, No Ceiling, Far Behind, Rise, Millworker, Goodbye, Broken Hearted, Soon Forget, Don’t Be Shy, Here’s To The State, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Trouble, If You Want To Sing Out, Forever Young, Porch , 1st Encore:, Sean Penn Toast And Roast, Society, Throw Your Arms Around Me, I Used To Work In Chicago, Let My Love Open The Door, Lukin, Encore 2: (Believe You Me)/No More, Hard Sun

Comment by Michael

Will the link be avaible again? Couldn’t get it.


Comment by Kim

will trade for cd’s of any of these shows

Comment by thad

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