The Magic Healing Powers Of Wilco


So, if you hadn’t noticed, this Blog is named after my favourite song of the moment, Walken, from Wilco’s 2007 offering, Sky Blue Sky.

I’ve obviously been living under a rock for the last 10 years of my life, because until the tail end of last year, i’d never even heard of Wilco, despite the fact that over a lengthy career they have crafted several fine albums filled with golden nuggets of musical goodness.

Having read several reviews of Sky Blue Sky, all impressive, and finding the album reaching the pinnacle of many album of the year lists, i promptly went out and picked up a copy, only to completely forget its existance and leave it gathering dust under a pile of vinyl.

However, last week, when carrying out what i’m not sure can legitimately be titled Spring cleaning, seeing as we are now into May, (and more importantly, following Coachella, festival season has kicked off), i came across the album once again, and decided to give it a spin.

Boy was I in for a treat, as the album is truely a gem for the ages, from the simple opening bars of Either Way, where Jeff Tweedy sings “Maybe the sun will shine today, the clouds will blow away” in an almost zenlike state, setting the tone for an almost 70’s-esque chillout, filled with simple love songs and melancholy jingles.


Thats not to say the band doesn’t pack a solid punch when needed, Impossible Germany being a prime example, starting off with a simple riff and melody, before exploding into a 3-pronged guitar attack, like a strung out Crazy Horse. Nels Cline truely shines with some wonderful work, a flourish of slide guitar here, a short freakout there, keeping the listener totally engrossed in the experience.

Impossible Germany

This analogy also applies to songs such as You Are My Face, Shake It Off & Walken, where mid-song the band heads off at right angles into jam-band territory (don’t worry, its the good kind), rewarding the listener with new discoveries with each spin.

Tweedy’s lyrics are exactly what you’d expect from a man i really should have mentioned in my Eddie Vedder piece about singer-songwriters, while his deep voice has an almost hypnotic effect, drawing you in, leaving you wanting more.

I have found that this is a perfect record to put on when i come home from work (in a busy city bar), kick back, put on the headphones, crack open a cold beer, enjoy the sunrise from my balcony, and take stock of the day just passed and the day about to begin.

View From My Balcony

Purchase: WilcoSky Blue Sky here

Photo Credit: Wilco Official Myspace Page, Me.

Feedback: What did you think of the article? Did you agree with what was said, or do you take a different view? Does this make you want to listen to Sky Blue Sky? My personal Wilco journey has just taken me to purchase Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – where should I go next?  Leave a comment and share your views…