New Vedder Solo Bootleg, McCready Talks Upcoming Tour (Updated)

Feeling that Midweek lull? The you’re halfway through the working week, but the weekend is still just outta reach.. Fear not, here is something to put a smile on your face, and to follow up on the article which opened this blog on Eddie Vedder’s solo tour, enjoy this bootleg from the final show on his west coast jaunt.

The second of 2 nights in San Diego, the show features an epic setlist, packed with rarities (a performance of Believe You Me from his pre-PJ band, Bad Radio) and singalongs (Let My Love Open The Door).

New Link

Meanwhile, in other Pearl Jam related news, Mike McCready told Billboard the band plans to release bootlegs of each of their upcoming tour stops, but the group “have yet to decide what form they will take”.

Also, PJ will perform with Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips at a taping of VH1 Rock Honours, which will honour The Who.

Sounds like its gonna be an exciting couple of months!


Pearl Jam, O’ Brien Demo New Tracks

Mike McCready

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready revealed the band has reunited with longtime producer Brendan O’ Brien for the first time since 1998’s Yield, to begin recording tracks for the band’s 9th studio album.

“It’s really in its infant stages right now,” McCready tells Rolling Stone. “We have about five ideas that have been worked on.”

The band have yet to decide upon a direction for the first release since 2006’s Pearl Jam, known to fans as Avocado. “Brendan is another set of ears that we respect, and he’s going to give us a different way to go but I don’t know what that is yet.”

With one session already wrapped up, McCready will now focus on his Crohn’s Disease fundraiser in Seattle tonight, before the band reconvene to begin rehersals for their June East Coast tour, which includes two shows at Madison Square Garden, for the first time since the 2003 Riot Act tour, a show that spawned the DVD release Live At The Garden.

Upon completion of the tour, the band will get back together with O’ Brien and auxillary member Kenneth ‘Boom’ Gaspar to continue laying down demos.

Guitarist Stone Gossard has previously hinted towards a Radiohead-style release, saying he would have no problem following their lead if the experimental pay-what-you-want giveaway was a success.

If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
May 1, 2008, 1:18 am
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Or, Why Eddie Vedder Is Fast Becoming One Of The Great American Singer-Songwriters

Onstage in Berkerly, CA

This was the philosophy adopted by Eddie Vedder as he recently travelled down the west coast on his first ever solo tour, for 15 stripped down appearances in tiny sold-out venues.

Armed with only a few guitars, ukeleles, a mondolin and a corona case-come-kick drum, Vedder showcased material from his critically acclaimed soundtrack to Into The Wild, as well as deep cuts from the Pearl Jam catalogue and a host of covers from singer-songwriters that acted as inspiration for the trek, including Dylan, Springsteen, Cat Stevens and more.

If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out

Each song was performed admirably, Vedder’s guitar playing sounding more accomplished with each passing year, and the presence of Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron was not missed on the stripped down versions of PJ hits such as Porch and I Am Mine.

Setting Forth

While some fans were dissapointed not to hear certain songs, Vedder made sure to stick to tunes that fit the environment – When one fan requested Pearl Jam b-side Dirty Frank at a show – a funky RHCP-esqe workout performed only 3 times in the bands’ near 20 year history, he quipped – “Our band doesn’t even play that, and I’m sittin’ here with a fuckin’ Mandolin!”

Audience interaction was plentiful, with a number of stories relating to the cities he was playing in, as well as funny anicdotes, as opposed to the political speeches that often adorn PJ sets, added to the intimacy of the shows.

There was also plenty of time for experimentation along the way, with Vedder using loops and tapes to recreate Arc, the acapella tribute to the nine fans who lost their lives at a 2000 show in Roskilde, Denmark, and the Indio cover Hard Sun, where he was joined each night by openers EJ & Liam Finn, all dressed in long white lab overcoats, as if to emphasise the fact that this was no ordinary show.

And then there were the special guests – as the tour moved down the coast from Seattle to San Diego, Ed was joined onstage by Jerry Hannah (the writer of Society, another Into The Wild cover), bandmate Mike Mcready (for Hendrix-esque freakouts on All Along The Watchtower and regular PJ closer Yellow Ledbetter), Sean Penn (to read a poem for his wife), surfing buddy Ben Harper (to duet on anti-war anthem No More), former PJ drummer Jack Irons (ironically for a cover of Last Kiss, made famous by Pearl Jam just after they recorded a version of it with then new drummer Matt Cameron) and Emile Hirsch (the actor who brought the songs to life in ITW) to name a few.

And of course, no Eddie Vedder tour would be complete without the odd rarity dropped in here and there, to send internet fans into spasms of shock and joy; In San Diego, Vedder sang an original song last performed in 1989 with his old band Bad Radio, unheard in nearly 20 years, followed the next night by a cover of an early Who song, Let My Love Open The Door, a much loved gem last performed by Pearl Jam in the summer of 1995.

All of this added up to a series of unmissable shows showcasing Vedder’s range of musical talents, that indicate there may yet be a future for him as a solo artist, although few would wish to see him quit his day job just yet.

Download: Eddie Vedder @ Zellerbach Theatre, Berkeley, CA Part One / Part Two

Photo Credit: Carlos Avila Gonzalez

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